Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shia Got Hott

So this weekend I saw Disturbia, (I just realized its supposed to be like suburbia) and unlike many teen scary movies it was really really good.

Shia was surprisingly good in it and he's come along way since his Even Steven's days. So he spies on his neighbors because he's on house arrest and one neighbor he thinks is a serial killer no one believes him, he's like the boy that called serial killer and well you know how that story goes.

Anyways it was you know kinda typical with the girl next door, literally. Her acting kind of sucked and throughout the movie Shia (or Kale) was like horny for her throughout the whole movie which got annoying.

Overall if you have not seen it go watch it $7.50 well spent and don't forget to gaze at the pic above, eye candy, right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hardly Chicken Scratch

These bangles are hauttte. These are Scrimshaw bangles designed by Jessica Cushman and are sold at Barneys and are $800- each. They are hot hot hot they have cute little quotes and clever/funny sayings on them. And if your thinking hmm these look similar to the Chanel ones... wrong! The Chanel one's look similar to the scrimshaw one's because these have been out for a while and the Chanel one's are pretty new, and haven't even hit boutiques yet, but they are considerably less for Chanel $600? Anyways both bracelets are hot, anyone wanna buy me one?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Taste The Rainbow

So the trend right now are skittle pants. No, the candy brand has not come out with pants... that are skittles, and they are not edible. But they are extremely bright and slightly blinding and incredibly HAUTE. So there are a couple of brands that sell the extremely bright pants and I'm loving these Urban Outfitters ones I have them in purple and red.
Here are the Urabn one's don't you love them? and *gasp* they are only like $60 I plan on getting the blue. By the way the color is more purple-y in person.

Heres Ashlee Simpson Not in UO but in Rich&Skinny you can get 'em for $180 at if you really want to pay that much but I am absolutely adoring this color and I must have them.

And Christina Aguilera in red Denim of Virtue jeans for the modest price of $170 also at shopintution, I am lovvving this color too, not so sure what she is wearing with it though...
UPDATE 4/23: Saw this picture of Ashlee (again) Fergie and Rachel had to add it:)

props to Rachel for rockin' the purrrple!

Hmm I have yet to see the color yellow, but uh maybe thats a good thing?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Forever Knockoffs

Forever 21 is phys-co. Ok so yes they are a pretty cute store more like a less hot version of H&M. But I mean come on first DVF now Anna Sui? So they are obviously not being sued over this "inspired" Anna Sui shirt thingy because it's still on their website and all but come on how desperate can you be? So it's definitely not the exact copy because that blouse thing or 'maven top' as they call it, is a joke. I look at it and I laugh, It's priced at $17.80 and if your thinking about being a pirate for halloween you can buy it here.
Forever 21 whats happening to you, you might as well be one of those little knock off shops in little Tokyo.

btw: look around the website and see if you can find more of these little "knockoffs" most likely from current or past S/S seasons.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Sienna Miller,

Hello Sienna, some people may refer to you as a 'style' icon I however do not. I think you have a pretty ok sense of fashion but no where near iconic.

For instance, what the hell do you call this thing Sienna? Was it an arts and crafts project? And why didn't anyone tell you to stop wearing it, the first time...

And here's Sienna looking slightly like an Indian princess, with some guy that reminds me of Kate Moss.

This outfit I feel like you were trying to do the rocker-chic look. It didn't work.

Here you were channeling Micheal Jackson and Paris Hilton, am i right?

But your style isn't all bad Sienna I mean I like this look, kind of typical but its clean and cute.

This look kind of looks Lindsay Lohan ish but I love the boots, and you did well Sienna.

I don't hate you Sienna I actually like some of your style choices you are just in no way a style icon. And I really want to go see Factory Girl (if its still in theatres) even though it got bad reviews.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

This List is FIERCE

[Whats IN & Whats OUT]
because i can decide these kind of things

*Celebrity clothing lines
*The British Invasion of pop/soul singers: Mika, Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse

*Wearing Underwear- contrary to popular belief, its pretty cool/comfy
*Everything metallic, everything futuristic (but no don't dress like an alien)
*Aviators- especially Marc Jacobs ones
*Patent leather- in moderation
*Huge totes
*America's Next Top Model (especially Ms. Jay)
*Enviromental friendly things especially the: 'I'm Not a Plastic Bag, bag' I really want one to, you know like the other 2.5million people.

*Japan fashion
*The colors white & yellow
*Ballet flats
*Blogs:)(fashion ones)
*Chloe, Chloe, Chloe!

*Plaid- just be careful not to look like a lumberjack
*The Stam Bag this will pretty much always be IN, always and i don't care what anyone says.
*Bold bright colors
*Kate Moss for TopShop

*Urban Outfitters
*Partying like its 1999
*House of Holland

*Celebrity clothing lines- yes this was also in my IN but there so IN that they are Out. So this had to go in both
*Super skinny skinny skinny
*Going commando
*Gaudy- minimalistic is super chic bling is out, who says bling anyways?
*High School Musical
*Booty shorts- I'd rather not see your 'booty meat' hanging from your trousers Ms. Hilton

*Paris Hilton (who is also in the above picture)- sorry but come on your like how old?
*Smoking- um no not cool, It just looks ultra cool in print you know when the model is hunched over and looking so effortless, not when you end up having emphysema..
*Britney Spears- she's a mess

*Denim jackets-bury this so called trend
*Anna Nicole Smith news- its everywhere, and I'm so over it
*Saying the word, 'FIERCE' (cough cough Ms. Tyra Banks)

thats the list, oh and definitely more to come.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Hills Season 2 Finale!

Sweet. My answer is get out of my car. Can you believe that jerk pressuring Heidi to move in with him? Oh and if you haven't seen the Hills season 2 finale and don't want it spoiled don't read this, and quick go to to watch it, ok back to the juicy stuff. Anyways, The Hills this season was pretty good I must admit, I mean Heidi and Lauren falling out over Spencer (Hello, Heidi have you never heard of chicks before d___'s?) and plus not to mention the tiny look at an interns life at Teen Vogue. Boys, Drama, Fashion in one place is destined for disaster. Kidding, but the finale had a great mix of all of this.

Whitney had her big job interview in New York for fashion contributor at Teen Vogue! I think she is so sweet, and she seems really passionate about fashion, I mean of course she would go to Paris if given the opportunity instead of moving in with a boyfriend she was going to end up breaking up with a few months later. But don't get me wrong I love Lauren she just is not as focused I guess as Whitney.

Oh and speaking of lame boyfriends Heidi went back to Spencer? I know right? I guess, "get out of my car" wasn't that awful, and she could forgive him. bleh. And she moves out, poor Lauren. She didn't seem happy for Heidi at all, but who would be, with a boyfriend like hers? I mean he was the reason Heidi and Audrina didn't speak!

But guess who's bunking together? Lauren and Audrina! Match made in heaven. Whats up with Audrina anyway? Does she go to school, and where does she work, again?

The episode was good but I still have burning questions!!
1. What happens with Whitney and that job??
2. Do Lauren and Audrina stay roomies?
3. Does Heidi figure out what a jerk spencer is? And if so does she come crawling back to Lauren?

I guess that's what season 3 will be for.