Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shia Got Hott

So this weekend I saw Disturbia, (I just realized its supposed to be like suburbia) and unlike many teen scary movies it was really really good.

Shia was surprisingly good in it and he's come along way since his Even Steven's days. So he spies on his neighbors because he's on house arrest and one neighbor he thinks is a serial killer no one believes him, he's like the boy that called serial killer and well you know how that story goes.

Anyways it was you know kinda typical with the girl next door, literally. Her acting kind of sucked and throughout the movie Shia (or Kale) was like horny for her throughout the whole movie which got annoying.

Overall if you have not seen it go watch it $7.50 well spent and don't forget to gaze at the pic above, eye candy, right?


KG said...

ooh i cant wait to see it! shia looks adorable..and that girl probably cant act because in reality shes a D-list model...

Cool Like Chloe said...

i saw the movie and was pleasantly surprised. great blog!

-ciao bella- said...

i saw that movie- i really liked it suprisingly. i'm really happy i saw it because there has been a lot of press about it.

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