Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hardly Chicken Scratch

These bangles are hauttte. These are Scrimshaw bangles designed by Jessica Cushman and are sold at Barneys and are $800- each. They are hot hot hot they have cute little quotes and clever/funny sayings on them. And if your thinking hmm these look similar to the Chanel ones... wrong! The Chanel one's look similar to the scrimshaw one's because these have been out for a while and the Chanel one's are pretty new, and haven't even hit boutiques yet, but they are considerably less for Chanel $600? Anyways both bracelets are hot, anyone wanna buy me one?


-ciao bella- said...

i'd like to buy myself one. those are so cute! if not a tad bit pricey for moi... xx

Model Citzen said...

i'm so in love with these, couldn't believe chanel copied them! i guess thats a total compliment, but she should do something about that because chanel did a blatent knock off! a bit steep on the price range

Elle said...

oh yes m.c Jessica is definitely doing something about it not actually taking it to the courts but I mean she's poked fun at the matter. I can't find the picture (if I do ill post it) but it said something like copied by chanel idk but it was funny!

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