Friday, April 20, 2007

Taste The Rainbow

So the trend right now are skittle pants. No, the candy brand has not come out with pants... that are skittles, and they are not edible. But they are extremely bright and slightly blinding and incredibly HAUTE. So there are a couple of brands that sell the extremely bright pants and I'm loving these Urban Outfitters ones I have them in purple and red.
Here are the Urabn one's don't you love them? and *gasp* they are only like $60 I plan on getting the blue. By the way the color is more purple-y in person.

Heres Ashlee Simpson Not in UO but in Rich&Skinny you can get 'em for $180 at if you really want to pay that much but I am absolutely adoring this color and I must have them.

And Christina Aguilera in red Denim of Virtue jeans for the modest price of $170 also at shopintution, I am lovvving this color too, not so sure what she is wearing with it though...
UPDATE 4/23: Saw this picture of Ashlee (again) Fergie and Rachel had to add it:)

props to Rachel for rockin' the purrrple!

Hmm I have yet to see the color yellow, but uh maybe thats a good thing?


Emma said...

kinda like red, not crazy about the purple. but yours are probably cute.
great post!

Siobhan said...

i like the red aswell and i have spotted a few yellow jeans here and there and i think i'll be staying well away from them

Le Portillon said...
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Le Portillon said...

I am actually liking the look of Acne's hyperblue jeans. Though I'd never wear them myself.

-ciao bella- said...

cute pairs of jeans. i'm really loving the new citizens of humanity take on the style. xx

molly said...

ohh man im thinking i need a pair of these

discothequechic said...

I've seen yellow ones already actually and I rather like them. Shame I can't pull off yellow at all!...

And I like green too. Though, here the reds are my favouite. Christina looks fabulous.

S xx

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love brightly coloured skinnies i have pink ones

coco said...

im kinda liking coloured jeans
although not on fergie

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