Friday, April 13, 2007

Forever Knockoffs

Forever 21 is phys-co. Ok so yes they are a pretty cute store more like a less hot version of H&M. But I mean come on first DVF now Anna Sui? So they are obviously not being sued over this "inspired" Anna Sui shirt thingy because it's still on their website and all but come on how desperate can you be? So it's definitely not the exact copy because that blouse thing or 'maven top' as they call it, is a joke. I look at it and I laugh, It's priced at $17.80 and if your thinking about being a pirate for halloween you can buy it here.
Forever 21 whats happening to you, you might as well be one of those little knock off shops in little Tokyo.

btw: look around the website and see if you can find more of these little "knockoffs" most likely from current or past S/S seasons.


-ciao bella- said...

completely agree about the whole knockoff thing...however that is a pretty good copy. xx

Alison said...

knockoffs annoy me, I think that if you can't be original with your clothes you shouldn't make clothes at all

alexgirl said...

Wow. That is such a clone of the Anna Sui dress... only waaay less appealing. But yeah, maybe I'll be a pirate for halloween this year and wear it. Good call!

S said...

Eek...Forever 21 really does have some very blatant knock-offs. Where do they make these? And why are they still being sold? I know I'd be a tad bit furious if I were a designer seeing my hard work being trivialized to a $15 creation...

coco said...

that is a cute knock off
i like the orignail way better thou

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