Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Sienna Miller,

Hello Sienna, some people may refer to you as a 'style' icon I however do not. I think you have a pretty ok sense of fashion but no where near iconic.

For instance, what the hell do you call this thing Sienna? Was it an arts and crafts project? And why didn't anyone tell you to stop wearing it, the first time...

And here's Sienna looking slightly like an Indian princess, with some guy that reminds me of Kate Moss.

This outfit I feel like you were trying to do the rocker-chic look. It didn't work.

Here you were channeling Micheal Jackson and Paris Hilton, am i right?

But your style isn't all bad Sienna I mean I like this look, kind of typical but its clean and cute.

This look kind of looks Lindsay Lohan ish but I love the boots, and you did well Sienna.

I don't hate you Sienna I actually like some of your style choices you are just in no way a style icon. And I really want to go see Factory Girl (if its still in theatres) even though it got bad reviews.



*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yeh i want to see factory girl. Yep i think her style is good, but no way as good as everyone makes it out to be

-ciao bella- said...

i agree- her style is wayy overrated...she does have some original pieces but some are just...well...weird (i.e. that Pocohantas look) xx

alexgirl said...

I want to see Factory Girl too. (esp since Katie Holmes was supposed to play the role and then passed it up. I don't think Katie and Sienna could be any more different).
And some of those pics were hideous. Esp. the first one. WTF was that smock all about?

dusk&summer said...

I want to see factory girl.
I agree shes totally not an icon.

Allure said...

She is so changeable in terms of fashion. Have a look at her pics between the end of 2004 till the summer of 2005(Boho era), and you will love what she was wearing. But right now...I think she lost her sense of style.

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