Saturday, July 28, 2007

Prada is the reason to get older

Has anyone read the aug. US Vogue? The age issue. I recommend (if you don't subscribe) to stock up on aug. & sept. issues of Bazar, Teen Vogue, Vogue, etc. because it's the start of fall and back to school and they are usually my favorite issues, especially with all the new fall ad campaigns. So anyway I must admit the Vogue age issue is not one of my favorites and I groaned a little more when I saw who was on the cover (sorry Winnona) even though she did look really fab, but all in all this issue was pretty good, and one article in particular caught my eye.

It's called Talkin' 'Bout my Generation ( I love how Vogue tries to be I guess more hip and uses 'bout and talkin' haha), in the article Vogue picked eight teenagers ranging from 14-19 to talk about what it means to dress your age, and how every generation has its pros and cons.
Why it's good to be young
Whats good for our generation is that the rules are endless, messiness is beautiful (think um cory kennedy), It's O.K to show off your figure (short shorts, mini-dresses, lets just not get skanky), and this one was my favorite: you can wear designer clothes. Like, Stella McCartney, Chloe, but they have to be worn with lower budget things, think H&M/Urban Outfitters, and vintage finds like raiding your grandmother's closet for an accessory.
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Why it gets better with Age
In the article they also stated whats acceptable for when your older. Like, heels trading in your London sole flats, and your Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers for heels, pumps, stilletos, more on a regular basis. Also they say you know your getting older when you buy Prada. I won't complain. Mixing things will still be O.k also, like fusing some younger trends but still looking appropriate. Also, dressing becomes a lot easier when your life gets a lot more hectic.

So the article inspired me to raid my grandmother's closet and I came up with a few things...

This Louis Vuitton messenger bag circa 1991, O.k so it kind of resembles a baby's diaper bag or something, but I plan on using it for my video camera (I make short stories, film alot etc.), it was actually my mom's although it was at my grandmother's house.

I also found this vest, I'm in love with it. It looks better on than it does on the floor obviously but I was so suprised my grandmother had something that I would actually wear in public besides her old pearls or something. So you should all give it a try raid your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, closets who knows what you will find.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Icons

Sorry I've been so M.I.A, but thats what summer does... But I'm back with avengence. Ok so back to the post... Anyways, we all know Kate, Nicole, Mischa, Sienna, etc. etc. People of our generation we look up to as far as style, and while peoples are always different theres always that certain someone you just have to see what they are wearing. So I give you the people that will be ones to watch, they are underage and are destined to become the next icons.

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1. Emma Roberts is only 16 years old but already has an ad campaign with Dooney & Bourke, a T.V show, and a couple of movies under her belt. Ok her success may have to do with the fact she is the neice of uh Julia Roberts, but still we are getting beside the point what really matters, is that she will most likely be a style icon someday.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
She has a timeless, glam style from the Alice and Olivia sequined dress, to those trendy high waisted pants that I must say she pulls off really well, I admire her already.

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2. Hayden Pannettiere this heroes star who turns 18 next month has that glam california girl style. Not many 18 year olds can say they have walked the numerous red-carpets like Hayden has, and not many people can pull of yellow but Hayden does it perfectly.

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I absolutley love the red aviators she wears (Marc Jacobs?) and her relaxed beachy style. Yeah, she is deffinitly icon material.

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3. Emma Watson,17, the Harry Potter star has deffinitly been one on everyone's radar especially since she has been wearing Chanel Haute Couture at almost every Harry Potter and the Order of the Pohenix Premire/Press thingy or whatver. Chanel even had to tell WWD that she "Chooses to wear Chanel". Not many adults have even worn Chanel, let alone Chanel Haute Couture and unlike Eva Longoria (look at PDFTM latter post) she pulls it off extremely well.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Emma also has a timeless, sophisticated style maybe its the name, Emma. Did I mention she also just signed with Storm Models? Yea, this Brit is sooo gonna be an icon.

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4. Cory Kennedy, 17, how could I mention up and coming icons without Cory Kennedy? So her claim to fame may just be having her picture taken at the right time because of her crazy style and mingling with celebrities but who cares? The girl has got such an orignial style, that people are constantly trying to copy, from her headbands to her dirty hair.

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Cory has the grunge hippie style that everyone wishes they could pull off. Oh and if you check her blog she had a garage sale this past Sunday, were you there?

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5. Lulah Willis (formerly Tallulah), the youngest of the bunch and the only one that has legally changed her name (thank god), Lulah is only 13 years old but already has that icon mentality. Her style is ridiculously chic, but who can blame her look at her parents and sisters.

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If this is how she dresses when she is 13 one can only dream with what she will come up with when shis 16. BTW: I am lusting over that sparkly black mini dress. hot.

So tell me aren't these girls icons in the making? OR did I leave out some icon worthy honerable mentions?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Spice up ya life!

So the purpose of this post is two things. I'll start off by saying how excited I am for the SPICE GIRLS WORLD TOUR. Yeah, old news I know but don't lie your thinking back to those sleepovers you had either watching the movie, Spice World, or in between stuffing your face singing, no screaming obnoxiously IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER YA GOTTA GET WIT MY FRIEEEENDS. And my god where have these girls been, Posh has been everywhere whoring herself around L.A, Baby Spice is preggers and doing that commercial you know where its like shes making some sauce or something and its like not even a spice girl can think of what to add, corny stuff. Scary Spice has been having that Baby daddy drama with Eddie Murphy who is in fact the father, but Sporty where ya been? You too Ginger! Yeah so anyway here is the schedule of the SPICE GIRLS world tour kicking off later this year.
Los Angeles, California — December 7
Las Vegas, Nevada — December 8
New York, New York — December 11
London, United Kingdom — December 15
Koln, Germany — December 20
Madrid, Spain — December 23
Beijing, China — January 10
Hong Kong — January 12
Sydney, Australia — January 17
Cape Town, South Africa — January 20
Buenos Aires, Argentina — January 24
Alright, so now that I have professed my love for the Spice Girls, check out the pants ahem trousers Victoria Beckham is wearing, yes those are leather, and I am afraid to say it is making a comeback.

Here is Cat Deely at the Concert for Diana rocking the pants, I must say she does look pretty hot in them, with a French Connection top (who's brand I am falling more in love with) and chunky bangles, and I adore those boots. We can ultimately forgive/praise Ms. Deely for wearing these and being so brave...
So readers I have two life altering questions for you, not exactly life altering but anyways

1. Are you peeing in your pants the Spice Girls are back? or just really could not care..

2. Will you embrace the leather pants trend? or stay as humanly possible far away from the clutches of death that are leather pants, I mean can your thighs possibly breathe in those?

Oh yeah here is a pic of Kate Moss back in 2006 at the Costume Institute Gala, wearing a leather pants suit, ahh Kate so daring.