Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What to do when EVERYTHING is out of stock & you DONT live in England

Ok so basically Kate Moss for TopShop is flying off the racks (surprise.. surprise..) but hey look on the bright side you can buy the clothes online... NOT. Is it just me or is virtually everything on the TopShop website (in your size) out of stock? No seriously, everything, even shoes. I thought maybe because I wear a large size shoe it would be to my advantage, nope! But the collection is coming to Barney's May 8th... so maybe there is hope for us yet, doubt it, it will probably fly off the racks within I say 2hours?

Btw: Kate has managed to take vain to a whole new level, check out the life sized Kate, but I'm not gonna lie if I was a hot model I would have a manequin (I have no idea how to spell that) of myself, don't lie you would too.


Miss V. said...

I HATE THE FACT THAT I AM A 12-HOUR FLIGHT AWAY FROM ENGLAND. I love everything Topshop, but the sad reality is they don't ship to where I live. Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait till summer when I go to London.

Fabi said...

thankyou for the comment! I got the purple handbag (clutch?) at a thrift store for 30 lempiras (like $1.50).

Allure said...

Try, there are lots of things there, and most of them cheaper than top shop.

Mash said...

heh if you live in France ? the only store was in Paris at Colette but everything is sold out ! I m gonna try on ebay like allure told

Anonymous said...

that isnt a manaquin ow ever you spell it. its actually her!

Anonymous said...

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