Saturday, May 5, 2007

Superhot Sandals

Summer is fast approaching, I mean fast! I mean I have like literally 20days of freshman year left, I almost slapped my friend when she told me this great news! Anyways, to celebrate the school year dwindling down why not look at these haute sandals that I am loving, (almost as much as school almost being over).

Everyone has these by Bernado, I love the brass ring, I would have gotten them but Nordstrom's did not have my size, and I didn't feel like ordering them.

So I know people say that Banana Republic is for 'older' business women or something, but they are getting pretty young so I got these sandals from Banana the other day, I love them and they are way cheaper than the Bernado.

These are from Urban Outfitters, they never cease to amaze me being so on top of trends.

Splure These are way out of my price range, but I can't help but admirer these gladiator sandals from Anthropologie.


alluretone said...

haha i actually shop from banana republic, my friends make fun of me for it though. i got theses lovely golden gladiator sandals from there last summer- but they broke! i was so sad. daria looks so chic in thoes chanel ones.

-ciao bella- said...

those chanel ones are so cool- i was reading in a magazine about how everyone saw them and was like "god those must be so hard to put on" but really they snap up the sides so it takes like 2 seconds (sorry totally random), but i love those bernardo sandals! and i shop at banana republic too and i just got a pair of black wedges from them which are super cute.

molly said...

the go ask alice movie was made in 1972

is that line very expensive?

true supermodel said...

I love those shoes in the top picture but they are only for those with very slim legs.

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