Monday, April 2, 2007

The Hills Season 2 Finale!

Sweet. My answer is get out of my car. Can you believe that jerk pressuring Heidi to move in with him? Oh and if you haven't seen the Hills season 2 finale and don't want it spoiled don't read this, and quick go to to watch it, ok back to the juicy stuff. Anyways, The Hills this season was pretty good I must admit, I mean Heidi and Lauren falling out over Spencer (Hello, Heidi have you never heard of chicks before d___'s?) and plus not to mention the tiny look at an interns life at Teen Vogue. Boys, Drama, Fashion in one place is destined for disaster. Kidding, but the finale had a great mix of all of this.

Whitney had her big job interview in New York for fashion contributor at Teen Vogue! I think she is so sweet, and she seems really passionate about fashion, I mean of course she would go to Paris if given the opportunity instead of moving in with a boyfriend she was going to end up breaking up with a few months later. But don't get me wrong I love Lauren she just is not as focused I guess as Whitney.

Oh and speaking of lame boyfriends Heidi went back to Spencer? I know right? I guess, "get out of my car" wasn't that awful, and she could forgive him. bleh. And she moves out, poor Lauren. She didn't seem happy for Heidi at all, but who would be, with a boyfriend like hers? I mean he was the reason Heidi and Audrina didn't speak!

But guess who's bunking together? Lauren and Audrina! Match made in heaven. Whats up with Audrina anyway? Does she go to school, and where does she work, again?

The episode was good but I still have burning questions!!
1. What happens with Whitney and that job??
2. Do Lauren and Audrina stay roomies?
3. Does Heidi figure out what a jerk spencer is? And if so does she come crawling back to Lauren?

I guess that's what season 3 will be for.


-ciao bella- said...

I watched the was so depressing afterwards because no more (except reruns) until next season :-( .... xx

MOLLY GRAY said...

wow! this place is amazing.. totally in to it!.. here in argentina we did not ever saw the first episode of the second season but i remember been in hawaii watching the hills marathon of the first one. i love the hills.. and the girlfriend of my cousin was offered to appear on the next because she works in teen vogue as an intern.
+molly g.+

molly said...

i watch that occassionally...agreed, spencer is a jerk and whitney is looovely

Miss V. said...

I've never watched Hills before, but Whitney looks great.

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