Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Outfit- 06/04/07

Sorry for the lack of posting but school, exams, you know, but its OVER! Now Summer can really begin! Anyways, yesterday I was feeling pretty rocker-chic-ish or whatever so I decided to post what I wore...

1. The Blue Skinnies aka The Skittle Pants- Urban Outfitters.
2. Black Tee- Forever 21
3. Funky Tank Top- Urban Outfitteres
4. Tote- Banana Republic (actually the tote is my moms)
4. Gold Necklace (on top of tank top; it used to also be a belt)- Found it around the house
5. Not Pictured- Banana Republic Cork Flip Flops

Since I will have more time this summer I'll do more of these...