Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hot Trends for Summer 07!

So this summer its all about little white dresses, denim cut-offs, etc. Above is Nicole Richie looking like the typical L.A girl with her Ray Bans, skittle pants and the Balenciaga, but I mean I can't hate she does look hot.

LWD (The Little White Dress) Britney Spears (looking somewhat decent), and Mischa Barton both in crochet white dresses and Kate Hudson in a cute cotton one.

Denim cut-offs! This is a must for summer!Mischa, Ashley Olsen, and Lindsay Lohan all wear them, I'm kinda liking the pockets sticking out.

Heres Nicole Richie wearing the pair of denim cut offs I am dying to get by Siwy.

Bangles! I love bangles they finish off any look, especially gold ones. Drew Barrymore (loving her gazillion bangles), Jennifer Lopez and Marley Shelton stack 'em high.

Still so confused on this trend, but its looking better you just gotta know how to wear it, and Mischa (middle) definitely does not!

Nautical! Nautical is always in, and primp has a ton of cute nautical hoodies and T's like the one Paris Hilton is wearing.

Please no trend over loads though people, I mean yeah break out those Ray Bans, But wearing them with the high wasted jeans, and nautical-ish things, and a ton of other trends is annoying, really, moderation people.


Jennifer said...

wow I love all your pictures so much.
Ashley olsen looks great in those shorts!

That Fashionista said...

Since I've seen that picture of Mischa in her cutoff shorts, I've been wanting a pair. Great post.

alluretone said...

late response, but thanks for the comment on the header! i use Adobe Illustrator. love your's as well, love natalia! i like the demin cut off look, love the ones on lohan as oslen!

fashionista said...

paris is...nautically overloading.

carina said...

love this post..

molly said...

olsens, kate hudson, ciara...looove this post!

Bojana said...

Ooh thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is nice too!!

I definitely need a white mini dress. But I find it hard to find one without looking like a pyjama...Ughh

la petite fashionista said...

i love raybans for this summer! such a refreshing change from the obnoxious sunnies of last year.

-ciao bella- said...

love the white dresses trend as well as the denim shorts.

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