Saturday, June 16, 2007

Viva La Italia!

I feel like such a bad blogger, and well I guess I should since I haven't posted anything in ages! But its not all my fault, really, my internet has been acting pretty physco the last week. Anyways I totally wish I was bilingual... in Italian, I bought the Vogue Italia with Gemma Ward on the cover only because she looked so gorgeous and the editorials were amazing and would be a great edition to my wall. (I cover my walls in editorials, some covers, ads, etc.). But who really cares about reading the articles, its really all about the pictures which tell a story themselves (plus I barely read any articles in US Vogue). Cool Like Chloe has inspired me to write this because as she was noticing how much more intriguing French Vogue is I couldn't help noticing the simplistic quality of Vogue Italia covers.

Covers I feel like say a lot, I mean it is the first thing you see and this one is absolutely breath taking, its model Doutzen Kroes by the way.

This one I is probably one of my all time favorites, it doesn't have all the messy words around the gorgeous picture (model Angela Lindvall) and it just has one statement, minimalism=perfection.

Heres an older Vogue Italia with Gemma Ward, so simple and beautiful and one statement that basically tells what the issue is about.

Come on US we went from iconic covers like this, nice and simple...

To completely blah covers, with the same washed out celebrities and who really reads whats on the outside of the covers, too messy and too much going on.
So which do you prefer the busy, covers of US Vogue with the O.K celebrities, or the simple breath-taking models on Vogue Italia?


la petite fashionista said...

i couldnt agree with you more! the simpler, more to the point, photographic vogue covers are the most memorable ones.. i could do without the celebrity emblazoned over embellished ones.


btw the blazer is from my local thrift store! <3 it there.

Jennifer said...

I love that first vogue italia cover!

-ciao bella- said...

fab post. i agree with you, those covers are more simplistic and elegant in my opinion. sometimes the american magazine covers just give me headaches because of all the things they try to fit on there... oh yes by the way, since i love your blog so much, i'm tagging you, go here

carina said...

My fav is the first cover. 3+4 are also good.

.m. said...

i choose...vogue italia! the doutzen cover is amazing!

LaBelle said...

i love the italian ones. PLUS my absolute fave model right now, Lara Stone, was on the cover in April. Vogue Italia never fell into the celebrity cover habit, thank god!!!

Anonymous said...

doutzen kroes is amazing fav vogue cover !!

Anonymous said...

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