Sunday, March 11, 2007

High Waisted Jeans? The New Trend?

So High waisted jeans are slowly making a comeback, and frankly I'm not so sure if I like it. Maybe its because I dont want to wear pants that look like I have a permanet wedgie or the thought of soccer moms, wearing you know the classic, "mom jean" cannot exscape my mind, however the new trend is way more updated than the light wash back, 80's ish style jean.

Here is Ciara from her video for Promise and I must say she did look incredible, even though it looks like she cannot breathe she looks fierce.

Scarlet Johannson on the runway, where for who I do not know but all I know is me no like.

This pair is by Grey Ant for about $330, ridiculousss.

So can you see why I'm torn about this trend people?
What do you guys think?


Ladybird said...

I like your view on things! And highwaisted pants? Why not, if you can pull it off.

MOLLY GRAY said...

that is sth i would never wear.. (well.. i think so.. ).
+molly g.+

Allure said...

I think it all depends in the way you wear them. Kate Moss and Chloƫ Sevigny did it pretty well.

wendy said...

highwaisted pants are tricky to wear! its a look where, if you pair it with certain kinds of tops, you risk looking like youre wearing a costume... but i think you should always give it a try and especially if youre unsure, start off with a really cheap pair just to see what you can do with it

Anonymous said...

i like the fourth pant - but I think it's because the model is really thin and the pants suit her... I've bought myself high waisted shorts recently and still am thinking about how to pull them off for summer, but I think I may be able to work it right. I can pull my shirt over the shorts still so they will not be useless if I failed..

true supermodel said...

Scarlett Johnson modeled(*about 3-4 seasons ago) for Imatation of Christ of which she is a creative director.

true supermodel said...
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TDGirl said...

I think that high waisted pants are cool! This was a Great website and I love the third model because of her attitude in the photo.

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