Friday, May 25, 2007

Everything about me is fake... but I'm PERFECT

Listening to: Umbrella- Rihanna

Some things you should know...

1. Apparently Marc Jacobs got a myspace, I know your like well its fake but no apparently its real. According to fashionista and some reliable sources of hers, add him!

2. Scarlet Johansson for Louis Vuiton FW07... again, the ads look kind of old hollywood glam, but I feel like maybe they should have gotten someone else considering she was just in their SS07 ads.

3. Daria Werbowy is out from hiding, and looking chicer than ever, is 'chicer' a word?

4. Apparently the I'm Not a Plastic Bags are soo plastic *gasp*. They are apparently factory made in China which has PLASTIC written all over it in big bold letters. I still can't help but want one of these so called 'eco-friendly' bags... oh come on your shocked yes, but you got over it, and you sill want one too.
p.s: the title of this post was totally about these bags.

5. Anthropologie currently is my hero because there reducing some hot ass skittle jeans from $168 to $19.95, and they have virtually every size they are only in yellow and blue I already have a blue pair from Urban Outfitters, but the yellow isn't looking too bad... of course my friends might call me big bird or say other unmentional things to me but I think I could pull 'em off, and did I metion they are only $20? Way cheaper than the Urbans..

6. I'm in search of the perfect white dress for summer... won't you help me fellow bloggers?
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