Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dont Believe the Hype

Soo Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, is crap. The line debuted on Oprah last week and I must say I expected more from Sarah. Remember that post I had about it back in March where I hyped the line up, aparently for nothing? But I mean the line is I guess its decent and everything is under $20 but I mean come on would you rather have a sucky cheap line or a kind of expensive line that is how do you say: The Shit.

The denim jacket is not working for me, at all, but the 2nd dress isnt too bad.

The jeans are actually not that bad but the 2nd look not really feeling that whole unflattering dress.

Ok so it wasnt all bad and it is all under $20 but SJP I had higher expectations from an ex- monolo, Jimmy Choo, Prada wearing girl... well actually that was mainly Carrie from Sex and the City...


Moose on the Loose said...

Ya.... I was expecting more too. There's always next season!

-ciao bella- said...

blah. god i mean almost all that stuff is so boringgg- i mean i was expecting her to have some serious ground breaking fashion...

Model Citzen said...

i agree, but she said she was sticking away from really trendy stuff making it "slightly" trendy. who is her demographic? i see old women, bigger women, young girls? she clearly has to PICK ONE.

Alison said...

i am soo disappointed!
honestly, i'm having a tutting party over here
tut tut tut. sarah, you could do better.

Mash said...

I was expecting much better from her , I'm kinda dissapointed ...

Diana Coronado said...

I agree
I was expecting more.

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