Sunday, March 4, 2007

Giorgio Armani prepared to sell fashion empire?

So apparently Giorgio Armani, 72, has recently reportedly said to a newspaper that he is prepared to sell his $6.5 billion, fashion-mega empire? Yeah I know, what?

"I'm prepared to sell to the highest bidder," Armani told the business daily, Handelsblatt at the opening of an Armani exhibition in Milan on Tuesday.

L'Oreal could be a possible partner considering they already collaberate with Arami on the company's perfumes and cosmetics.

"L'Oreal could be a partner. But if somebody else offers more, they could also be a partner," said Giorgio. I know what your thinking, what about passing down the empire to one of his kids or something, nope, no kids. Whoever gets the company hopefully the clothes will stay as fabulous as they did this season.