Monday, March 5, 2007

Obsession of the Moment: The Shirt Dress

So I know you have all seen them, and many of you haveing fallen madly in love with them (like moi) but my newest obsession (which I have many and it changes daily) is the shirt dress. You know the shirt dress, the type of dress that looks like your boyfriends button down, well its basically that except modified to look totally chic and not like its, your boyfriends. (The one shown above is by Young Fabulus & Broke, my fave.)

These Two Dresses are by Nili Lotan and Splendid, the Splendid one on the right is not my favorite, it's too I just borrowed this from my boyfriendish, but I love how the Nili Lotan one it's super dressy-causal with that belt.

The blue dress is by Joie and the white one is by Splendid, the model also modeled the Splendid dress without pantts which was pretty daring and I don't want to sound cheesy or anything but yes it was a bit risque (sp?) and I felt like she was naked so I didnt post that one up, but these two are again some of my favorites!

Its a girls twist on a classic traditional boys buttown down- and I love love love it

Oh and these fabulous shirt dresses can be purchased here


Anonymous said...

Wau! You like them too! I wanted to have Stella McCartneys one, but I said I would not pay that much - nearly 500 $ was the one I liked :/
Now I'm crazy about Cottonfields one (much, much more cheaper and as gorgeus). Can't wait for summer - want to wear it!

Ladybird said...

Love the blue one in the end!

Anonymous said...

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