Sunday, March 18, 2007

Willa Willa Willa

Willa Holland! Yes you know her as lil Cooper from The O.C, and this girl is definitely one to watch. I liked her bad girl type character on The O.C although she annoyed me at times, but she did look mega adorable on the cover of April's Teen Vogue.

Although the article was short it did kind of seem like she had a snotty attitude at times especially when she says,
"The three months (in high school) were the worst three months of my life. I was surrounded by teenage drama and all that and everyone was complaining about everything they had to do, about homework and this and that- and I'm like, 'Hello? I'm balancing a job here as well. Try having a carer.'" You were there three months? Hello hunny, some of us are going to be there for four years. But besides all that I liked the photo shoot.

Teen Vogue even made this shirt for her! Even though she was only on The O.C for about a season she says, "The show really put me on the map and helped launch my career."

Here's Willa at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party looking gorgeous in a tight leopard print dress. But she says her day to day style is: "Relaxed... My favorite things to wear are C&C tank tops with a cashmere sweater over skinny jeans from J Brand." Typical Cali girl.

Willa Holland is definitely a girl on everyone's radar, and I can definitely see a budding Lindsay Lohan (unfortunately) but hey who knows.


Cassidy said...

I totally agree! She did have a very snotty attitude, but I thought she looked gorgeous.

Allure said...

She's a bit arrogant.

Tru said...
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Tru said...
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Tru said...

too cool, need to get that mag

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