Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break 07 Essentials!

So Spring Break for many of us is fast fast fast approaching and I bet many of us cannot wait to go to someplace haaute! And trade those boots, cords, and scarves for flip-flops, skirts, and sunglasses. So while you go on spring break trip theres just a few essientals that a girl just needs to have.

The bikini, a must have, here is a green print one by Victoria's Secret and another stripped bandeau top one by Juicy Couture, dont forget your brazillian bikini wax either ;)

Flip-Flops! But this season the Greek type flip flops and metalic and gold flip flops are so in! But don't throw away your Haviannas those never go out of style and are great basic flip-flops. Here are two great inexpensive flip-flops from Urban Outfitters!

The wrap dress! These two are by Diane von Furstenberg and Joie. Both mega adorable for those spring days and nights.

So I'm kind of obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Antigua Cabas GM totes. Another Obsession. For more totes just go to my previous post here.

Oh and cant forget the stunna shades. I love these shield style sunglasses from Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture. Protect your precious eyes while still looking fly... or like a fly.

So gear up for Spring Break 07, I'm going to have a blast while still looking
g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s, haaaaa right, but anyways don't forget your sunblock and the essientals, and hey if you aren't going anywhere go to tanning salons, you know so it kinda looks like you did.

buy these gorgeous items here:


molly said...

cory kennedy is basically famous for looking rad and having an 'it' factor hahaha

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