Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Pull SS07 AD

So the italian designers everyone loves so much Dolce & Gabbana have decided to pull a SS07 ad because of criticism they've faced and that it condoned violence among women. At a glance I did not think the ad did this but then after really looking at it, the ad kind of looks like gang rape I mean a bunch of guys around this one girl. Anyways, here is what they had to say:

"We have decided to cancel ... the advertising image that has caused such repercussions within human interest groups and individuals," Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said in an emailed statement.

"It was never our intention to ... offend anyone or promote violence against women," the designers, whose latest womenswear collection featured riding crops and silver eye-masks, added.

Some publications do feature the ad just because of timing of the matter.

hmmmm..... what do you think?


alluretone said...

i think it's very similar to what they did in their dolce vita W shoot. i don't find it offensive- because we know dolce and gabbana had no intention of sending that kind of message, it's just simply sex appeal.

Model Citzen said...

This one is hard... I would say that fashion is art. This is an editorial that runs in fashion magazines... I'm not sure if it would fly in the mainstream media, but it definately works in fashion.

NYC Fashionista said...

Personally, I don't find it offensive at all. Nor do I think it promotes violence against women. Much ado about nothing.

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