Friday, February 23, 2007

Models Off Duty

So forget the celebrities, Models are the real ones with style. I mean they have access to some of the most glamourous clothing at their whim. They have this kind of I dont give a damn look that most of us just cannot achieve. I mean it's like this let me slouch, while holding my starbucks but multi-tasking with a cigerette in hand, aka effortlessly chic.
Irina Lazareanu

Caroline Trentini

Hype Park
Caroline Winberg
Gemma Ward

Jessica Stam

Oh & Fave model style: Daria Werbowy

So, even though I'm not quite 5'9, with mile long legs and an amazing wardrobe, I could pull off the washed out denim, starbucks in hand, and an oversized shirt and skinny jeans and converses, right?
nah, i'll leave that to them.


Vinda Sonata said...

nice references on MOD style! i love searching the web for MOD styles! :)
daria is always so expressive. loooove her so much. plus, she's a natural beauty.

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