Friday, February 16, 2007


First off let me say I have been sucked in by the American-Idol ex. Jennifer Hudson. And I think the rest of America has as well. Dream Girls was an amazing movie and Jennifer was ah-may-zing as well. That movie alone has made her a star overnight! She's the 3rd African-American woman to be nominated for Oscar- ever and while thats phenominal I think the biggest achievement for her is being a curvy woman to grace the cover of VOUGE.

I never really knew who Jennifer was until Dreamgirls and maybe the best thing for her was the fact that she didnt win American Idol because who where she would be, just another American Idol with a crappy CD? And the fact that she is soo humble is probably why she has also been so successful I mean have you heard any Diva-ness from her? (well not yet but hopefully never).

So Yes, you heard me the magazine that's infamous for its waif thin, pixie faced models is featuring a curvy African-American woman on the cover...

and its wonderful.